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Universities are educational institutions but also are research institutions!
Once university students find their research experiment themes, they are destined to write notes, data, plans for experiment reports and papers.
The basics are all together!

The library will help them with the second “Gathering Information” section.
What we want for them to learn is data mining technology!
It is a technology that can find out the hidden regularity from a large amount of data (big data), and not only collect information but also organize it.
Currently, the library supports [Search on the Internet] [Search from databases in specialized fields] [Acquisition of search articles].

Let’s try!

★Click here for Referents★

Meiyaku Linker is a link tool that navigates from the search results of databases (PubMed, SciFinder, Medical Journal Web) to the main text of articles. We give that function as a video. Click to view. (3 minutes 15 seconds / viewable only on campus)
▶▶ There are the following methods for obtaining documents
①Subscription of EJ, booklet,
open access
②There are no materials available in campus ⇒ Obtain by " Document Photocopy "! ③Elsevier EJ cannot be read out of the contract ⇒ Read by " Transaction "! ④Out of contract EJs for other than Elsevier? ⇒ Use " PPV "!
▶▶ Let's use smartly.
Save the obtained literature information and PDF data! I want to use the EJ / E-book outside the campus!
Click here to learn about the basic usage of the library
1)Click the library website
2)Can I copy library materials?
3)Let's use OPAC! (Search Collection)
4)Advice for OPAC search (1) by better search conditions
5)Advice for OPAC search (2) Pickup from search results
6)Helpful! My Library (1) What is My Library?
7)Helpful! My Library (2) Reservation of materials
8)How to find a journals?
9)Secret trick of e-book “Downloaded to smartphone, print and add your own memo”
10)How to read EJ / e-Book outside of school -Remote Access-
Click here to learn more about the database.
11)What's the difference on characteristic of English database?
12)PubMed -View full text-
13)What is “Gazette Information Retrieval Service”?
14)EBM Information Source : Cochrane Library
15)DynaMed -to collect information about specific drugs or diseases-
16)Iyaku Search Plus
17)Journal Citation Reports
18)SciFinder Part.1 Search chemical document
19)SciFinder Part.2 Search for chemical substances
20)SciFinder Part.3 Search for chemical reactions
21)Recommend Icyu-shi web where we examine the domestic medical document completely
22)Kagakushiryoukan -Read, Search for Chemical Books-
23)Asahi Shimbun article database -KikuzouⅡvisual-
24)Medical Online -General site for medical information-
25)Today's medical care -to get the most effective treatments and drugs-
26)CiNii -Search for collections domestic university libraries-
Click here to learn about Electronic Journals (EJ)
27)Before using EJ -About downloading and printing-
28)I only know the journal abbreviation name and ISSN
29)There are several EJ links ... Which one do you choice?
30)I don't know whether the document I'm looking for is in the library or not
31)In the case of failing to download the text ①There is no PDF button
32)In the case of failing to download the text ②Purchase application screen opened
33)In the case of failing to download the text ③Unknown screen appeared
34)I found one! I want to read more related papers
35)I want to read a paper that was listed as a reference
36)I want to see EJ on my smartphone
37)Is there a free EJ that can be seen from home?